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Underwater cameras designed by
and for fishermen

With several years of experience in the commercial fishing industry, OCEAN-CAM is a family business that stands out for its easy-to-use, robust and affordable professional underwater cameras. Designed to meet the needs of fishermen, our products are versatile and can be used to capture underwater images in extreme environments with outstanding image quality.

OCEAN-CAM underwater camera features make them a natural choice for marine use



OCEAN-CAM cameras are easy to use and can be quickly put into service by the operator. The essential functions have been optimized to provide rapid access to underwater images. With no complex manuals or elaborate training needed, all members of your team will be able to use the device.



Built for the harsh environments and extreme conditions of commercial fishing, OCEAN-CAM cameras are strong and shock-resistant. With the ability to take images at depths (up to 1,000 meters), they provide you with a whole new perspective of depths, without compromising image quality.



Designed and engineered by a captain owner, OCEAN-CAM cameras have been fine-tuned for affordability while meeting customer needs. By offering simple products that include essential functions with professional image quality, OCEAN-CAM products stand out from the competition.

Poly-Solid Camera

The flagship product of the OCEAN-CAM range, this comprehensive and fully assembled underwater camera is highly resistant to shocks. Equipped with a high-end action camera, it offers excellent resolution (Full HD 1920 x 1080 30 fps) and color images!

Equipped with a 4,500 lumen “LED” light source, the camera can take images in deep water.

The underwater camera can be controlled with a mobile application or using magnetic controls. With Poly-Solid, you can record more than 20 hours of color video (MOV) or up to 128 GB of images (JPEG).

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