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As a captain and owner of a commercial fishing company for several years, our company’s founder is known for his boldness and energy. Having contributed to the development of several technologies in the commercial fishing sector, including the Thyboron semi-pelagic trawl doors, our company has recently created a range of underwater cameras with stunning image quality. The underwater cameras were developed in partnership with submersible equipment specialists and tested in real conditions to ensure their durability. In developing its products, our company strives to offer the most efficient products possible while being simple to use, robust and affordable.


Image accessibility

By offering a product that is easy-to-use, robust and affordable, our company strives to make images of the sea accessible to those who want them while offering the best value for money.

Resource protection

Democratization of images of the sea will offer a different perspective of resources. Our company has always been committed to sustainable development and the responsible use of marine resources.


Our products were first designed with a concern for the welfare and needs of fishermen in mind. Our company wants OCEAN-CAM cameras to be used by as many fishermen, scientists and other sea enthusiasts as possible.

Our mission

Make images of the sea accessible by offering products that are simple to use, robust and affordable in order to ensure the sustainable development of marine resources.

Behind every product, there’s a story

As the captain of a northern shrimp trawler and a member of a fishing family from Rivière-au-Renard in the Gaspé Peninsula, Dave Cotton has always been curious and passionate about innovation. In the midst of an intense fishing season, he wondered how he could optimize his fishing performance while better protecting the seabed. The idea was simple, it would just be a matter of seeing what was going on.

The first camera was developed on “L’INTRÉPIDE 3” with the basic idea that use and installation should be simple; that the whole crew could use it without any issues. The camera also had to be robust enough to meet the requirements of commercial fishing. After more than a year of trial and error with its crew and a professional diving specialist in underwater operations, the camera was up and running.

This is when the entrepreneur had the idea of sharing his discovery with as many people as possible and thereby providing a different vision of commercial fishing. With the aim of having an affordable and accessible product, OCEAN-CAM was born.

Today, Dave is finally able to put images on his fishing speculations and truly understand what is happening on the bottom of the sea. Fishermen can now adjust their equipment efficiently and accurately to reality, thereby better preserving fishing resources.

On a solid foundation of humour, humility and deep family values, Dave Cotton is passionately excited about this underwater adventure with his wife Nathalie Tapp and daughter Mélody.