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Our cameras

Whether for commercial fishing or scientific research, OCEAN-CAM cameras are a major asset for those with a passion for marine life. The cameras are designed to meet your specific image-taking needs while being accessible, hard-wearing and easy to use. All cameras are equipped with magnetic controls and can be operated with a mobile application.


Designed for commercial fishing with mobile gear such as a trawl or dredge, this camera is the most robust of the range. With its built-in light source, you can confidently shoot images in hostile environments.


The Poly-Slim is the entry-level model in the series. Specially designed for use on fixed gear such as traps and nets, this lighter camera is an essential tool for monitoring your setups.

Night Life

The Night Life is the most versatile camera in the series. Equipped with infrared and LED light, you will have all the latitude you need to observe the seabed in dimly lit environments, in rough waters and even at night!

Features Poly-Solid Poly-Slim Night Life
Monohull housing *
Anodized aluminum housing *
LED lighting
Charging cable (USB)
Infrared lighting
Colour images
Black and white images
Ability to change angles (“trim”) With the Poly-Solid housing
Image capture in deep water (with sufficient brightness)
Image capture in rough water or low light
Night image capture
Depth resistant (up to 1000 meters)
Independent power source
Wireless system
Transport case