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The Night Life
Our infrared underwater camera

Developed by and for fishermen, the Night Life camera is a versatile camera for exploring and spying on the seabed day and night without emitting white light that could influence fish behavior.

Specially designed to capture images in different light conditions, this camera is an essential tool for observing underwater life in its natural state. Equipped with an infrared camera, the Night Life camera provides a unique opportunity for fishermen and scientists to observe the interaction of organisms with fishing gear at night, whether in rough waters or in low light conditions.

The Night Life captures stunning images in all underwater conditions

The Night Life is the essential tool for exploring a new fishing area before setting down your fixed gear. It also lets you discover how fish interact with your bait and optimize its use, all without any light interference.

A versatile infrared camera

Like other OCEAN-CAM products, the Night Life camera was designed for ease of use. It includes magnetic controls and can also be controlled with a mobile application before launching and after ascending.

Equipped with both an infrared LED light source and an infrared camera, this versatile camera can capture color images when there is enough light and automatically switches to infrared mode when the brightness decreases, providing outstanding black and white image quality.

Configure the Night Life based on your needs

Images are recorded on a 128GB SD memory card and you can easily retrieve them using the USB charging cable. With the Night Life, you have easy access to more than 20 hours of high-resolution recording (Full HD 1920×1080 30 fps).

With the option of being embedded in an ultra-strong unibody housing (Poly-Solid type) or a lightweight anodized aluminum tube housing (Poly-Slim type), the Night Life camera can be adapted to your needs and the environment where it will be used. This makes it the most versatile camera of all the products offered by OCEAN-CAM.

Night Life technical data sheet

  • Wi-Fi controls with mobile application and magnetic controls
  • image resolution: Full HD 1920×1080 30 fps (in color or black and white depending on brightness)
  • 12 MP photo sensor
  • image format: jpeg / video: MOV
  • preset optical angle (max 140 degrees)
  • memory card: 128 GB SD
  • 20100 mah / 900 mah batteries

Light source

  • 3 infrared LED cells (850 nm)
  • 4,500 lumen LEDs
  • magnetic controls
  • 20100 mah / 800 mah batteries
  • More than 25 hours of lighting output

Housing (optional)

  • unibody (Poly-Solid type) or anodized aluminum tube housing (Poly-Slim type)

Camera mounting

  • anodized aluminum base plate with mounting holes
  • ability to change angles (“trim”) for the Poly-Slide housing

Charging the unit

  • USB charging cable

Transport case

  • transport case with protective foam (included)

Do you have any questions about Night Life or our other underwater camera models?