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The Poly-Solid
Our most robust underwater camera

Developed by and for fishermen, this camera is a major asset for your commercial fishing activities and your research on fishery resources.

The Poly-Solid camera is one of OCEAN-CAM‘s flagship products. Specially designed to meet the needs of commercial fishing, this versatile camera can also be used for scientific research.  Thanks to its ultra sturdy unibody design, it is shock and impact resistant. It can also be used confidently with mobile gear including trawls and dredges.

A heavy-duty camera, designed to withstand the most hostile underwater conditions

The camera is housed in a high-strength anodized aluminum body. The 4,500 lumen LED light source integrated into the casing ensures that the camera can be used in darker environments and up to 1,000 meters deep. The easy-to-use Poly-Solid camera includes magnetic controls and can also be operated with a mobile application before launching or after ascending.

Capture a large number of spectacular underwater images

Images are recorded on an SD memory card (up to 128GB optional) and can be easily retrieved using the USB charging cable. With Poly-Solid, you will have easy access to more than 20 hours of high-resolution recording (Full HD 1920×1080 30 fps).

Simply attach the Poly-Solid to your fishing gear at a location of your choice and explore the seabed

The Poly-Solid camera can be easily attached to your fishing gear thanks to its multiple mounting holes. Its flexibility also allows you to change the angle of the image capture (“trim”) and make sure you don’t miss anything that happens underwater.

Poly-Solid technical data sheet

  • Wi-Fi controls with mobile application and magnetic controls
  • image resolution: Full HD 1920×1080 30 fps
  • 12 MP photo sensor
  • image format: jpeg / video: MOV
  • preset optical angle (max 140 degrees)
  • memory card: 128 GB SD
  • 20100 mah / 900 mah batteries

Light source 

  • independent and integrated into the housing
  • 4,500 lumens LEDs
  • magnetic controls
  • 20100 mah / 800 mah batteries
  • more than 25 hours of lighting output

Camera mounting

  • anodized aluminum base plate with mounting holes
  • ability to change angles (“trim”)

Charging the unit

  • USB charging cable

Transport case

  • transport case with protective foam (included)

Do you have any questions about the Poly-Solid or our other underwater camera models?